Working on a Cruise Ship!

Hey chicos! Exciting news!

Maybe you can guess what I’m going to tell you…

Exactly I found a new job. I’ll be a receptionist on a cruise ship!

I finished my bachelor thesis a couple of month ago and since then I was working as a waitress and searching for a new job.

Two days ago I had an interview with a cruise ship company. I was super nervous and I was pretty sure they wouldn’t hire me because there were a lot of other (mostly more qualified) people… In the end they hired almost all of us 😀

I’ll be the first of our group who will enter one of the companies ships. Actually I’ll have my basic-safety-course next week starting on monday and the following saturday (so in ONE week) I’ll go on board and start my new live. I’m so excited!!!!!

I’ve started my studies three years ago with the aim of working on a cruise ship later. So for me this is a dream comming true. People often ask my why I would want to work 7 days a week with 12 hours each day… I don’t know. I just have the feeling this will be the right thing for me!

Have you ever had a simmilar feeling? You can’t explain you just somehow know? Or do you have any experiences with working or traveling on cruise ships?

I don’t know if and how oftn I’ll have internet access but I’ll try to keep you up to date!


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