Canary Islands

Hey guys!

I’m back… again 😀

Today I’m going to tell you about my trip to the Canary Islands Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria I just returned from.

So like I told you in my last post (I know it’s been decades since then…) I was going to do a Last Minute vacation with my best friend. As we searched the internet for awesome (and affordable) places to go, we found the Canary Islands. Because both of us had just a limited amount of time we booked our flight on a monday and started our tour the following friday. As you can guess, we didn’t planed that much and I was a bit nervous if everything was going to turn out good.

On friday we arrived in Arrecife in Lanzarote. Because I booked all the different pensions and hostels via telefone I wasn’t sure if all of them did get it right. But lucky me everything turned out just fine and relaxing!

Our first accomodation was in Puerto Del Carmen. A small city 10 minutes from the capital Arrecife. We stayed there for two nights before we left for the next island. On the following saturday we drove to Maguez in the north of the Island. There we walked trough a national park we didn’t even know it existed.

In front of the park we saw a cloud right on top of that moutain
First we had to hike up a chain of mountains and inactive volcanos
And eventhough my pictures show a cloudy sky I got a pretty bad sunburn
After an exhausting hike (even if it wasn’t really high) we were rewarded with an amazing view over the ocean and the small island “La Graciosa”
… And we sat down for a while 😉

After more or less a three hours walk we arrived in the city… village called Ye. It was like a gosttown and we weren’t really sure if there was a bus going back to Arrecife and Puerto Del Carmen. If there is a bus stopping at all. 😀 That’s when we decided to go back.

Again in Maguez we asked a man at what time the bus is going back to Arrecife. He told us, that he wasn’t sure if there was a bus comming because on the weekends they have a different schedule. He offered us a ride and so we did our first hitchhike. In the city he gave us a short sightseeing tour and showed us some places we should check out.

The next day we took a ferry to Corralejo on Fuerteventura. There we spent another two nights in a super cute hostel. While we stayed there we visited Las Dunas De Corralejo, Puerto Del Rosario and Morro Jables.

The dunes of Corralejo
One of the amazing beaches on the island… oh how I loved the turquoise water!
In Puerto del Rosario we found some pretty street art


And than we took the ferry to Gran Canaria…

The best part of these days were the people we met at the hostle. Like one of our room mates told us: “It’s like living with a big family”. And even if we just stayed for two nights I knew exactly what she meant. Fortunately we got to spent another two nights in the same hostel a few days later on out tour back.

On the fith day we left Corralejo and took a bus to Puerto Del Rosario and then to Morro Jables where we took a “ferry” (it seemed more like a small cruise ship… it even had a pool on the roof) to Gran Canaria. After three hours we arrived at the habour in Las Palmas. Our first impression: “We’re lost!” It was so big that we had a hard time finding the right way. Finally we decided to take a cap to our next hostel. As we arrived our mood was a bit down because the rides were super exhausting.

The following day we somehow managed to rent a car and drove to Puerto Del Mogan. Normally the people take the way on the right side of the island because it’s faster and the streets are fully developed. But we decided to take the other way. We first stopped in Arucas to see La Iglesia De San Juan.

La Iglesia de San Juan


Our way than lead us through a national park. The streets were really scary (super small and twisted) but the view we had was worth it.

In the distance you can see the mountains we drove through
On our way we stopped several times to take pictures of our stunning surroundings…
…But all these pictures can just capture a small part of our experience



Finally in Puerto De Mogan we had the most beautiful hostel I’ve ever seen. It was so colorful and everything was selfmade. And the view we had from the terrace was amazing too. But see for yourselfes:

As you can see it was super colorful… and not only from the outside!
Everything in there was selfmade and put together like great piece of art
Everywhere we could find signs with funny or informative quotes and all kinds of stuff put together
I haven’t been able to take photos of all the little details
My favorit part was the terrace!
We’ve spent a lot of time up there…
…And enjoyed the view over Puerto de Mogan

We spent another two nights in the hostel.

By the way a fun fact: We met a friend from Germany who also stayed in Puerto Del Mogan and had a couple of drinks together.


On our seventh day we drove to Las Dunas De Maspalomas. It’s a touristic place but still really beautiful. It’s a wide area so it’s easy to find a spot with just a few people. Lucky us we went there in the morning.


As we stayed longer the heat got unbearable. That’s why we decided to leave and drove towards the center of the island. The Pico De Las Nieves. Again the streets were a bit scary but somehow we got used to it. And again we were recompensed with an overwhelming view.


The following day we had to leave again to go back to Fuerteventura. On the ferry we decided to try hitchhiking again. First from Morro Jables it didn’t worked but later in Puerto Del Rosario a frindly guy from England and his granddaughter stoped and took us to Corralejo. The very first moment we couldn’t really belive it! During the ride he told us a lot about his new life in Fuerteventura, how he loves the life in Corralejo and how he often takes hitchhikers. It really was a pleasure listening to all his storries!

Again we stayed two nights in Corralejo. It was super cool to see all the nice people we met before again. But that made it even harder to leave.

The only sunset I was able to caputre during the whole time
Crystal clear water… can you tell where it starts and where it ends?

Back on Lanzarote we hitchhiked again to Arrecife. The guy we met was from germany. He ran out of money so he started stopping at the main busstation in Playa Blanca and offers people a ride for less money than the bus would take.

Because we had a bit of a hangover we didn’t went out that day. But on our last two days we again were able to rent a car and we were able to see some places we couldn’t during our first stay on Lanzarote. We made a tour through the national park Timanfaya with it’s Montanas Del Fuego and we saw El Golfo.

As we drove into the national park Timanfaya
At the beginning of the tour a guide explained some pretty interesting stuff about the mountain we were standing on… for example how he made the fire just by pushing some dry plants into the whole… nothing more!
On our ride we were able to gaze at the wide areas of volcanic landscape


After the tour we decided to also go and see the green lake “El Golfo”
Unfortunately we went there in the late afternoon so the sun painted the whole landscape in a slight red… but still pretty beautiful!

The following day was our last day on the Canary Islands… 😦

Because our flight was leaving at 8.30 in the afternoon we spent the whole day driving around the city and explored the beaches of Orzola and went to the Mirador Del Río were you can see the smaler island La Graciosa.

On our way we stopped several times to enjoy the ocean and beautiful beaches


This is again the island “La Graciosa” but this time with almost no clouds and a super view! … and wonderful turquoise water! 🙂
And then it was time to leave 😦

I really had a great time and I’m pretty sure I’ll come back someday! I mean I have to see the other islands as well 😉

Guys, have you ever been to the Canary Islands? What was your favorit? (I’ve been asked this question so many times but I can’t really tell…)

I hope you enjoyed my article and stay curious for the next one 😉
And please feel free to leave as many comments, criticism or likes as you want.

Always appreciate the tiny things 😉


7 thoughts on “Canary Islands

  1. Hi Samira!

    I love your photos, it feels like I’m there! We live in San Francisco, California and we went to the Greek island Santorini this summer. The landscape in the Canary Islands is so similar. We had such a great time relaxing in the Mediterranean ocean and eating good food. The hotel in Puerto De Mogan looks beautiful and so colorful!

    xo Gennifer


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