City of Love – Paris

Hey guys! 🙂

I knoooow… It’s been decades since my last post… But well I guess that’s how life is sometimes 😛

I’ve been pretty occupide with exams and my Bachelor Thesis… I’m still, but last week I made a spontaneous trip into the city of love and thought I should write about it.

Who of you has ever been to Paris? What are your oppinions? Did you like it?

For me it’s a hard decision to make… But I should start at the beginning.

As some of you may know, I lived for a couple of month in Chile. Last week my chilean host-mother wrote that she’s visiting her daughter in Paris.

Short info: My host-mom has 3 daughters. The oldest and youngest are living with her in Chile. The other sister is living in Paris with her husband.

The week befor I finished all my exams and officially started my Bachelor Thesis. So I thought why not meet my host-mom in Paris? Sounds like fun…

So I booked a night-bus on tuesday and another one on wendnesday. Yes right! I had just one day in Paris. The main reason was that I had already booked a bus to visit my best friend on thursday. And additionally those were the cheapest busrides I could find.

But anyways, I was super excited to meet a part of my chilean family, practice my spanish and to see the famous City of Love.

The first bus should have left at 22.45 in Hannover… but as you can guess it didn’t. Almost 2 hours later it came and I started my tour.
The ride was… well… let’s say not what I’m used to. The drivers were unfriendly, played annoying music through the whole night and we ended up having a 3 hours delay.

Finally in Paris I somehow managed to find people who explained the way to the metro-station where I would meet my host-mother.

My two mothers and me 

Because of the delay I ended up having just 5 hours to see the city. That was definitely not enough!!!

The daughter, Toto, showed us many attractions. Probably the most famous ones such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe.

It was more a run than actually a city tour.

But still it was so much fun seeing all this and having them around again.

My chilean mom and sister and me in front of the Eiffel Tower



The ride back was as uncomfy as the other one. And back in Hannover we had a delay of 4 hours. Instead of 6 in the morning we arrived around 10 on thursday. Lucky me the bus I had to take the same day wasn’t that early.

So what do I think of Paris. One day is definitely not enough to fall in love with it. It was a bit exhausting and honestly it was not what I expected. For me it’s not a city where I would want to live.

But it still was a good trip with a lot to learn about traveling, live and myself. And that’s for me one reason why I travel 😉
And of course I was super happy  I was able to see those lovely people again.

So that’s it from this tour but I’ve already started to plan my next one next month! So stay curiouse 😉

Lots of love

5 thoughts on “City of Love – Paris

  1. I just spent 4 days in Paris and I definitely fell in love with it. I think you need enough time to be able to leisurely wander around and check out some cafe’s and a little more of the life there. Definitely give it another try when you have more time!
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style


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