Global Warming

Hey guys,

today I want to talk about an important issue!

Global warming is a problem we all know about but it’s far away right? Wrong!

Droughts in Thailand Southeast Asia, small tornados and floods in Germany and an extreme heat wave in Arizona USA.
All of these events costed some people’s lives!

It’s something we have to take seriouse even if it seams far away! It’s comming closer and closer!

The italian pianist and Greenpeace staged an epic piano concert in front of a melting glacier on the arctic ocean to catch peoples attention. To make them realise that global warming is just around the corner!

The music is tragic and hearttouching. And the big growlers falling into the ocean make the whole thing even more dramatic!

Link to the video:
Greenpeace holds a histori performance with pianist Ludovico Einaudi on the Arctic Ocean (English)

I was really touched be the video! I hope it reaches some of you too!

We all can do something! It can just be tiny things like buying regional food, reduce the amount of water you use or leave your car at home more often and walk or take your bike!


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