Buchupureo – The Milky Way and Secret Beaches

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a looooong time…

So here is a new update!

Today I’ll introduce to you “Buchupureo”. A small village 5 hours from Santiago in the south.

Before I went to Chile I’ve never heard of it. It was just a fortunate coincidence that I’ve seen it. One of my friends from the US, Alese, became friends with some chilean guys. Surfers. One day before they went there I was with Alese. We met one of the guys, Camilo. He asked me to join them. I had a bunch of other plans for that week but… I simply skipped all of them and went on a crazy trip.

This is one of the beaches we visited. O how I whish to live in such a cute small house directly at a beach on day!!!

Never in my life I have seen such a beautiful place with so many awesome beaches and with NOBODY there!!!
We had them all for ourselfes!
It was incredible!

You see? NOBODY!
Again! Totaly quiet and peaceful!
I still can’t belive that those places still exist.
After we climbed up a cliff we had the most amazing view!

The place was so wonderful that we had to take a lot of pictures.

The girls squad!
Look beyond the shore
Surfing time!
The whole squad!

Everytime I think about it, it amazes me how we all got along. I mean we were almost all strangers to each other. People who just met.
…I mean yes of course we had our differences but still we had an amazing time! (Start counting how many times I use the word amazing!)

And of course I had to take a picture of a sunset!
Or two 😀

I remember this picture perfectly! I recall one of the best talks I had in decades. Do you know that feeling when you meet someone new and you start talking and your just on the same wavelength?

Okay what else?
Oh yeah! Our Apartment!
It was amazing!

A terrace with a fire place and a super cool hanging chair!
Oh I loved that chair 😀
Here you can see part of the building. Imagine you are standing on the terrace and on the right there is the kitchen and a big livinroom, on the left are some bedrooms, in the front the connection and beneath a staircase… where does it lead? …
… A pool of course! 😀

One of the nights we spent there I slept in a hammock. It was absolutely amazing!
I watched the stars, I was even able to see the milky way and it was super cozy.
It was even better than my own bed at home 😀

This trip was really one of the best things I did in Chile. I know I said it many times but…
It simply was AMAZING!

What was your favorit trip so far?

Have you ever slept under the night sky?

As always I hope you liked it and you would honor me by sharing! 😉

Lots of Love!


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