Sollipulli -Vulcanos and Mapuches

Hey guys,

So today I’m going to introduce you to the vulcano “Sollipulli”.

Everyone who’s at least a little interessted in Chile or Argentina knows Patagonia. It’s one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. Whereever you look you’re surrounded by pure nature.
Within this territory lays the national park Villarrica and the Sollipulli.

This trip was one of the best decisions I’ve made in Chile. It was absolutely amazing, breathtaking, stunning, awesome… I simply can’t put it in one word!

But see for yourselves!

Surroundings of our domicil
Check out the view!
La Araucania
Sacred lagoon

Okay, so on our first day we arrived at Pucón after an more or less 8 hour bus ride. There we spent a couple of hours before we went on.

From Pucón we were able to see the volcano Villarrica. During that time it was active and on the verge of an eruption.

I was surprised by how relaxed the people of Pucón were. I learned that some people call the volcano “El caballero” which means gentleman. He normally starts ejecting smoke before an erruption like a warning.

Volcano Villarrica
Super impressive!
Part of our pack!

What I liked a lot about our group was that we all came from different countries. Mariela, Jimena and Estefanía came from Chile, of course our tour guide from “evoluzion” Marcelo was also chilean. Oh and oviousely the Mapuches we lived with… Spencer was a guy from Canada, Alayna (the girl I studied with) from the US and I have been the german girl.
We were all different but we got along super well.

After we took a nap and enjoyed our time in Pucón we drove to our domicil for the weekend. A mapuche community.

We spent our nights in easy housings. Some of them were only made out of wood. But it was an experience I’ll never forget. And that’s not meant to sound negativ. Definitely not!

We ate and cooked together… more or less 😀
We made a traditional bread which is called “Sopaipilla”. It was super delicious!!! I’ve tried to make it myself when I came back home but… well I’m not good at those things 😀

A mapuche ruka … an me 😀
Cooking time with our tour guide Marcelo from “evoluzion” and the Lonko (which means he is the leader of the community)
Chilling at the bonfire 🙂
My first cup of mate tea… now I’m addicted! 😀

What surprised me the most was the almost endless kindness of these Mapuche.
I belive it’s not easy to share all your food and your home with people you’ve never seen before.


The day after our arrival we rode horses through the national park “Villarrica”.

Our target: “Sollipulli”

On the tour we rode through rivers, woods, mountains and meadows.

 A walk in the morning
One of our faithful companions 🙂
El mejor equipo! 🙂
Horseback riding
Summer I can feel you!

The hike up the volcano costed me all I’ve got. The worst thing about it were my shoes…

If you ever go hiking… make sure to put on the right footwear!!!!!!

But somehow… Don’t ask me how… I managed to get to the top. We all did.

And what awaited us at the top was absolutely breathtaking!

These boots are made for walkin… and that’s what they’ll do! And they carried me to the top 😉


View over the park “Villarrica”
Straight to the top
But first a traditional ritual
The road ahead
A short break!
These companions really would love to swim! 😀
I’m absolutely in love with this turquois!

During the tour I spoke a lot (or at least I tried to) with the Lonko. It was super hard because my spanish was still very poor and he spoke “mapudungun” – the language of the Mapuche.
He and his daughter taughter tought me some of their words. One word that stuck in my mind was “cuyen” – which means moon. In a class I took in  Chile I learned a lot about their religion. In their culture the moon stands for the feminacy.

A glacier in the caldera of the volcano 🙂
A short moment to take a deep breath and to absorb the moment!

After our incredible hike, we celebrated. We celebrated a successful day and our new gained friends.

The next morning we had to leave already. We headed back to Pucón where we took a bus back to Santiago and from there another bus to Viña.

During the ride I had a lot of time to think about everything that happened and to absorb it. I still think about that time quite a lot.

For me it was extremely fascinating to get to know the mapuche culture. Lucky me I took a class for indigenous culture in Chile. I learned a lot more about them. About their history and the conflicts with the chilean government. And also about parts of their religious belives, their traditions and rituals.

I think in some ways this trip really changed me.
For me it was so fascinating, that now I’m going to write my bachelor thesis about it.
I hope that paper can somehow master their great culture.

So if one of you guys is planing a trip to Chile make sure to check out the following website:

As always I hope you liked this post. You would do me (and evoluzion) a great favor by sharing and I always appreciate your comments!!!

Lots of love!
Butterfly Sammy

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