Concón – A surfers paradise

Hey guys,

I’m sorry I didn’t managed to post this last sunday. I’ve visited my best friend and my internet wasn’t working.

But enough of these poor excuses 😀

I now proudly present my experiences from Concón in Chile.

The first time I’ve been there, I was invited to take some surfing lessons. I always wanted to learn surfing so obviously I joined them.

Wow it’s was way harder than I thought. First we did some yoga which was a lot of fun and after that our teachers gave us a short instruction how to surf. Befor we jumped into the waves we made a dry run. After one or two hours in the water I was super exhausted and I needed a break.

In the end I only managed to stand on the surfboard once… Somehow 😀
But it still was an amazing experience! And I’d love to do it again!!!

The team 🙂
Yoga Lesson
Until now you`ve never seen my face… So thats me in a surfer suit 😉


But surfing is not the only attraction in Concón.

On the way from Viña to Concón are some dunes. And I mean really big dunes. If you like, you can go sandsurfing there. Or you can relax and enjoy the most beautiful sunset there 😉 That’s what I did with two of my friends from the US.

We planned to go there for a very long time but never made it. Until one day we just went there spontaneously. And it was a great decision!

Take a look!

It’s amazing, isn’t it?
Chilling at “Las Dunas”
So happy we had to jump 😀
It might not look like it, but it was quite exhausting walking to the top of the dunes
Beauty of mother nature!

Or you con go directly to the beach of Concón (where we went surfing) and just relax in the sun.

Walking on sunshine
One of many stray dogs that joined us for a while
Impressive shell

In my last weeks in Chile I went to the dunes extremely often.

I loved that place because of it’s silence.
It’s located directly next to a loud street but when you’re in there you can’t hear a thing.
And ontop of that it’s super beautiful!

A foggy day in the dunes for our farewell
Crazy time
And another beautiful sunset 🙂


So that’s what I experienced in Concón.

I hope that you liked it!

Feel free to subscribe if you’ve been there or if you’d like to go there.

And as always any comments, critics or everything else is welcome!

Stay curious 😉

Butterfly Sammy

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