Valparaíso – The City of colours

Hola chicos!

I’m trying to post on a weekly base. So here is my second!

Valparaíso. It’s the city of colours, art and “Muralse”. Thats how they call graffitis there. But I think graffiti is not a good translation. In Germany the word has a negative sound. Graffitis are scribblings.

But “Murales” are a form of art!

You don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Beautiful huh?
How about this?
Or this?
Look at all those details!
Impressive aren’t they?
Sleeping beauty!
“We are not hippies, we are happies!”
Not a Mural but still wonderful art!
Yes, I absolutely agree! This is not a crime!

What do you think? Is this a crime?

Unfortunately not everybody sees it like this. This art is a form of expression. And sometimes even rebellion!
In my opinion this is a good way to show whats on your mind! Some people demonstrate their feelings by burning cars or doing worse! But this way nobody gets hurt!

This is just one part of the city.

Need a little snack?

Try this:


This is a very small shop in a narrow ally. What is this “ALFAJORES”? Sounds like poison? Belive me it’s not! If you like sweets, you have to try it!

And this is what it looks like!

Try it!!! TRY… IT!!! 😀

Another thing I noticed a lot were the stray cats and dogs.

The were everywhere!

Absolutly beautiful isn’t she?
This one was a bit exhausted after following us through the city.
This dog desperately tried to get onto my picture 😀

I felt really sorry for all those poor animals! I wasn’t used to that scenery and  I just wanted to take them all with me!!!

Now I’m making plans on how to help them!
Maybe you have some ideas? Maybe you have made similar experiences?

I hope you found some inspiration and all the best for you! 😉


P.S.: Please leave as many comments as you want! And you would do me a big favor by sharing 😉


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