Viña del Mar

It’s been one year since I studied in Chile.

Finally I found the time to write down what happened during that time.

In my first post I’m going to talk about Viña del Mar.

View from my apartment

The city that was going to be my home for the next 5 month. Here I lived with a host-family in an apartment with a perfect view over the whole city.

On my first day in Chile I had to manage to get from Santiago to Viña and to find my host family. Unfortunately I’ve never spoke to them before. Ontop of that… My spanish was awful! And nobody seemed to be able to speak english… After some time I finally found a person who spoke english. He was very nice. He told me how to get to Viña and after I arrived there, he called my host mother (because I couldn’t) and asked her to come and get me.
That was the first time I got in touch with the chilean kindness. And it was definitely not the last time.

My whole family was super nice! And so were all the people I met in university. Together we travelled to different places, … and of course… partied all night long.  And belive me! The chileans know how to celebrate! I had a lot of fun and an amazing time.

The Flower Clock of Viña del Mar
My host-mother and younger sister
Ash clouds over Viña del Mar

After some hours at the beach I went with two of my friends from the US into a bar.
We took a couple of drinks and talked about trips we were planning.
When we finally left the bar we noticed ash raining down on us.
Later that day we learned that there was a big fire in the hills of Valparaíso the neighbor city.

That was just one of the natural disasters I witnessed.
There were also several temblores (little earthquakes) and one (almost) vulcano erruption.

Weekly market
Carrete (Party) con mis Chilenas locas
La cena mejor: Sushi con Pisco Sour
Copa America

During my semester the Copa America took place. And yes! Chile won!

I’m normally not a soccer fan but this was really amusing! And wow it was such a big party all over Chile!

La pequeña Maria Jesus
Mi familia chilena

 I felt so much at home in Viña. It broke my heart when I left after those 5 month. And part of it still remains there.

I’m absolutely sure that I’ll return one day. Maybe… Hopefully in the near future.

All that’s left to say now is that there will follow more stories about Chile. So stay curious!

Spread your wings and fly little butterflies!

Yours Sammy


2 thoughts on “Viña del Mar

  1. Sehr schöner Post und total interessant dass du in Chile studiert hast 🙂 schade nur das alle deine Bilder von dem riesigen Schriftzug unterbrochen werden…vielleicht kannst du den ja etwas kleiner machen und nicht unbedingt in die Mitte des Bildes 🙂 das macht sie dann gleich noch ansehnlicher :* nur ein kleiner Tipp nicht böse gemeint 🙂


    1. Ach kein Problem! Ich wollte einfach meine Bilder so gut es geht absichern, damit sie nicht von jedem genutzt werden können 😉
      Aber du hast schon recht. Ohne ist es schöner. Ich werd versuchen die nächsten etwas geschickter zu platzieren 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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