The Beginning

When did my love for travelling grew into a passion?… Or more… into an obsession?

After I finished school I had to ask myself what to do with my life. Were do I go? What do I want to do?

My mother encouraged me to go after my passion for hotel business and tourism.
So I searched for study programs and found “International Management for Service Industries”. It’s a combination of Hotel-Management, Tourism-Management and Event-Management. For me the perfect option.

This program includes one Semester abroad.
In 2015 it was time for me to go. I spent it in Chile. It was… indescribable! I had an incredible time! I met all these fantastic people, saw amazing places and tried new things.

It’s been a year since then and my yearning to see distant places grew stronger and stronger! And thats when I decided to share my stories with you!


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